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Eat-Da-Burger! is a restaurant app that lets users input the names of burgers they'd like to eat.


Amazon-like storefront created using MySQL and Node.js

Constructor Word Guess

Word Guess command-line game using constructor functions


First Node.js project for UoA coding Bootcamp. LIRI is a Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface

GifTastic Animals

Using the GIPHY API to make a dynamic web page that populates with gifs

Super Fast Trains

An application that incorporates Firebase and manipulates information with Moment.js.

Friend Finder

Compatibility-based 'FriendFinder' application -basically a dating app

Harry Potter Trivia Game

Trivia Game based on Harry Potter Books

Stand Alone Roulette Game

A stand-alone version of the Roulette game made for Project #3: Casino S.H.I.C.

Project 1: Spotlight!

A first group project for UofA Coding Bootcamp. A tool to follow your favorite performers’ live events

Project 2: N.E. Gym

A second group project for UoA Coding Bootcamp. Simple a Content Management System (CMS) that performs CRUD operations with given tools. Admin panel: login: password: password

Project #3: Casino S.H.I.C.

Lobby Casino games: Craps, Slots, Roulette, BlackJack wrapped in a portal with authentification, chat, and user profile

Good README Generator

Good README Generator s an application that generates files using CLI. Simply answer some questions and it will automatically generate a readme for you. Try it on your next project!

Gelato Dolce Vita

Decoupling WordPress/ReactJs

React To-Do App

To-do app, made for fun, 'cause everyone else did it at least once

Hot Restaurant

Overall purpose is to help schedule reservation requests. Restaurant has just 5 tables available. First five requests get a reservation, every request after that is sent to the waiting list.

Password Generator
Random Password Generator to create secure passwords based on user-selected criteria.


Task: turn wireframes to code, powered by Bootstrap 5.

Weather App

Basic weather app in Reactjs/Redux, using provided custom API.

Retirement Intelligence

@MS: turn the design into code, a custom WordPress theme scaffolded on _underscores.

MS Brand Performance Audit

Fun time with React and WordPress decoupling

Rise Uptown Hotel

Turn the design into code, a custom WordPress theme.

Terre Borromeo

WordPress-powered website for one of the most famous Italian cultural and natural sites.

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