Web Developer

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const developer = {
    firstName: ‘Irina’,
    lastName: 'Kudosova',
    location: 'Phoenix, AZ',
    position: ['FrontEnd', 'FullStack', 'WordPress', 'ReactJs'],
    openToRelocate: true,
    remotePosition: true,
    yearsOfExperience: '10+',
    visaStatus: 'greenCard',
    origins: 'Russian',
    languages: ['Russian', 'Italian', 'English'],
    inLoveWith: ['Coding', 'Traveling', 'Food', 'Cats', 'Heavy metal'],
    bestQuality: 'Autocriticism',
    worstQuality: 'Impulsiveness',
    contactEmail: '',
    githubUsername:  'MalinkaMell',
    linkedIn: '',
    mobile: '‪623-226-7771‬'

High-performing, goal-oriented Web Developer, well-versed in front and back-end, with over 10 years of delivering functional web products and meeting the latest web standards. Fast learner, passionate coder, and patient mentor. Capable of working in fast-paced environments, adapting to new situations and challenges, and solving problems quickly and independently.

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